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 Soaring demand forces chevler To introduce advanced new system

Soaring demand at Chevler, the UK's leading manufacturer of baking cases and muffin wraps, is forcing the to company to introduce an advanced new production planning system. The new system has been designed to help Chevler keep pace with the recent upsurge in orders.

Since being formed after management buy-out in February last year, Chevler has gone from strength-to-strength and has won plaudits for its product innovation and quality of manufacture. It is also shortly expected to announce record turnover and profit figures for its first year of operation under new leadership.

The new production planning system which is being phased in over the next few weeks has been designed to help reduce lead times on special products and increase the availability of catalogue lines. It will also help Chevler to respond more rapidly to fluctuations in demand.

Managing director Stuart Whelan said: 'We have always striven to deliver regular product lines but our business and volumes have recently grown to such an extent that sudden fluctuations in demand have started to pose far more problems than they previously did.'

He added: 'A key element of our new approach will be a marked improvement in the day-to-day visibility of both capacity and demand. It will result in better decision making and we will be able to react much faster to unforeseen events'.

Mr Whelan revealed that it will take a couple of months before the full benefits of the new system filter through but many customers will soon see improvements and, with the aid of the new system, it will not be too long before the market-leading performance targets the company has itself are met.

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