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Chevler, the UK’s leading manufacturer of baking cases, has launched a range of coloured cases in a convenient pack size that will allow craft bakers and small scale producers compete against major muffin and cupcake makers.

There are eight separate colours in the range which are being made available in handy cartons of just 360. Coloured baking cases have been previously only available to cake manufacturers who were able to order large quantities, often a minimum of 100,000 cases at a time.

The new colours join the Chevler range that already includes the company’s popular gold and silver foil cases which are well known for their icing holding properties. The 51mm x 81mm case size has proved very popular with both muffin and cupcake bakers.

Chevler sales director Mike Wescomb said: ‘We have been listening to what our customers have been telling us. Craft bakers told us they wanted to be able to buy coloured baking cases in relatively small quantities.


‘We have responded to these demands in order to allow them to be innovative and take advantage of the continued volume growth in the snack cake market. Everywhere you go on the high street, whether it’s a coffee shop, craft bakery or supermarket you seem to come across muffins and cupcakes.

‘We have launched colours to fit in with virtually every special occasion in the baking industry’s calendar be it Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween and birthday’s for both girls and girls.’

Chevler is believed to be unique in the UK in that all its printing and converting is carried out in-house. The company does not rely do not rely on stock shipped from abroad, nor does it depend on outside printers and converters.’

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