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In a bid to both support and further boost its export sales drive Chevler, the Welsh-based supplier of Meat Saver Paper, has launched a dedicated, stand-alone website for the product which is specifically designed to help keep meat looking fresh while on display.

Currently available in four languages: English; Dutch; French and; German extols the virtues of Meat Saver Paper, which is the authentic and original Butcher's Peach Paper and outlines how butchers and meat processors could be missing a trick and some additional profit by not using the product.

Chevler sales director Mike Wescomb said: ‘Meat Saver Paper is already very popular in a number of European countries but we are keen to increase our presence and sales.

'Because it helps preserve meat by retaining its colour and moisture Meat Saver Paper enables butchers and other meat retailers save time, reduce waste, extend shelf life and retain customers. And importantly, because it helps maintain the original weight of the meat it helps retailers increase profit.’

The company aims to raise the European profile of the paper which not only helps meat keep its colour but also hides the extra juices that run out of meat. Covering meat with Meat Saver Paper ensures the product stays fresher for longer and means that butchers do not have to trim off discoloured meat therefore saving meat and money.

With its high tear and burst resistance, Meat Saver Paper also helps prevent bones breaking through the wrap. Its ability to preserve meat longer than similar products allows meat to be pre-cut at a convenient time ready for busier periods.

Packaging meat in Meat Saver Paper ensures that it stays fresher for longer after leaving a shop or processing plant and the end-result is a satisfied consumer. Its no tear properties are well-known and it’s strong enough to peel from the meat when wet or dry without tearing.

Chevler supplies Meat Saver Paper in a variety of colours and forms. It also has the capability to produce a range of shapes and sizes including sheets, rolls, crimped cases and shapes with scalloped edges in peach, white, green and black..

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