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Chevler asset buy reinforces its position as UK's number one muffin case maker

Chevler, the company that invented the brimmed muffin cup and brought the tulip muffin wrap to market, has clinched a deal to take over the production rights and buy the machinery that manufactures both muffin wraps and the oblong cases used by mini-loaf cake bakers from Repco Mould Engineering Ltd.

It means that South Wales-based Chevler, whose products have been instrumental in driving the sale of baked goods in coffee shops is now able to produce nearly 200 million wraps a year. If you these were laid end-to-end they would stretch from London to Los Angeles.

The move has reinforced Chevler's position as a major world player and ;enables the company to substantially increase the range of sizes it offers. Chevler managing director Stuart Whelan said: “Over the past three years we have invested heavily in new equipment which we have designed and built to our own specification in order to cope with increasing demand.

“There is currently no let up in demand for muffin cases from bakers in the UK, Europe and even North America where their quality is much appreciated by US muffin makers. Customers are constantly on the look-out for new varieties, shapes and sizes and customised product. This acquisition keeps us one step ahead in this rapidly evolving market.”

Sales director Mike Wescomb quickly added: “More importantly it means that we can now produce a wider range of sizes. In the New Year, for example, we will be offering tulip muffin wraps ranging from a small 110mm x 110mm up to a giant 200mm x 200mm made on high speed, highly efficient specialist production lines.”

All Chevler's wraps are manufactured to strict food hygiene industry standards using high quality grease-resistant paper and food safe water-based inks which are specially produced for them.

Mr Wescomb added: “We think we are unique in that we use water-based inks and not solvent-based which can taint the product and produce an unpleasant odour.”

He added: “Custom-printed wraps have been the preserve of the very biggest bakery businesses - that is until now. The minimum order for bespoke printed wraps and mini-loaf cake cases has always been in the region of 250,000 putting them way out of the reach of the craft and artisan producer.

“We, however, have just finished commissioning, a technologically advanced fifth generation machine which allows us to cost effectively produce custom-printed wraps in quantities as low as 25,000 in a number of different sizes.

“The numerous exciting marketing and branding possibilities this opens up to smaller businesses means that they can now compete on a level playing field with major brands. Both registered and random printed versions are available in these low quantities allowing one-to-one communication with the customer.”



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