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Chevler Launches A New, Lighter Meat Saver Paper

Chevler, the Welsh-based supplier of Meat Saver Paper™, the original butcher's Peach Paper has launched a new lighter version specially designed for short-term, everyday use by high volume users in the meat industry.

Meat Saver Paper™ 45 with its special natural wax coating that keeps red meat looking fresh while on display and in the chiller joins its heavier cousin Meat Saver Paper™ Premium in the Chevler range of speciality papers for the meat industry.

Explaining the reason for the move Chevler sales and marketing director Mike Wescomb said: “Meat Saver Paper™ has long been considered a must have product by large numbers of butchers and meat processors. The 65gsm original Premium paper helps red meat maintain its colour and moisture for up to 72 hours but because a number of customers have said they use it for just a couple of hours, for example lining a tray for a morning, we have decided to extend the range.

He maintains that covering red meat with Meat Saver Paper™ 45 ensures it stays fresher with a lustre that is not always achieved when film and same weight grease-resistant paper is used.

He added: “Meat Saver Paper™ 45 is also excellent as an interleave for burgers, steaks, chops, escallops as well as small joints. It is strong enough to peel from meat when wet or dry without tearing for up to 36 hours.”

With its high tear and burst resistance, Meat Saver Paper™ 45 also helps prevent bones breaking through the wrap. Its ability to preserve meat longer than similar products allows meat to be pre-cut at a convenient time ready for busier periods.

“In short, because it helps preserve meat by retaining its colour and moisture Meat Saver Paper enables butchers and other meat retailers save time, reduce waste, extend shelf life and retain customers. And importantly, because it helps maintain the original weight of the meat it helps retailers increase profit.

“Packaging meat in Meat Saver Paper™ 45 ensures that it stays fresher for longer after leaving a shop or processing plant and the end-result is a satisfied consumer.”

Available in a range of shapes and sizes including sheets, rolls, crimped cases and shapes with scalloped edges Meat Saver Paper™ 45 is initially being supplied in Peach but other colours will be available to order.


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