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Chip Crown reigns supreme in spring al fresco dining boom

As covid lockdown eases, al fresco dining in the coldest April for many years has never been more popular. Many hospitality venues have invested heavily in seating and tables outside to serve food and drink until after dusk. But how do you the solve problem of your chips quickly going cold?

The Gourmet Food Wrap Company has the answer. By responding to demands from restaurateurs and foodservice operators continually seeking novel ways of serving and presenting French fries and other deep-fried products to discerning customers the company’s Chip Crown is the perfect solution.

The Chip Crown can be used stand-alone but is also ideal as an insert in mini-wire chip frying baskets and stainless steel serving buckets that remain in favour in the hospitality industry.

The Gourmet Food Wrap Company is the greaseproof paper printing arm of Chevler, the company behind The Daily Catch, the popular newspaper-style printed greaseproof paper which has proven such as success as a liner and is used to recreate the tradition of wrapping fish and chips in newspaper.

Chevler is also the UK's leading manufacturer of tulip muffin cases and it has utilised its expertise and technology in this arena to produce the Chip Crowns. Formed from a Daily Catch printed food safe paper the Chip Crowns not only provide an ideal means of ensuring portion control but help keep the food warm.

The Gourmet Food Wrap Company’s director of sales and marketing Garry Parker said: “The great thing about our new Chip Crowns is that they are sturdy and therefore ideal for all types of outlets from pubs serving food to high-end restaurants, QSRs and even takeaway operations at zoos and theme parks which have just been allowed to reopen.

“Many are still serving chips and fried products in cold wire baskets which quickly draws the heat from the cooked food and combined with chilly night air means the food rapidly loses heat. Not only do the Chip Crowns enhance presentation but the thermal properties of the paper used to make them helps keep the food warmer for much longer. They are ideal for serving virtually any battered or deep-fried product.”

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