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Seasonal Specials Catalogue

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Product CodeStyleSizeGSMMat TypePrintPack Qty
AX810Round Crimped Case45x25mm40White GreaseproofXmas Holly6,000
AX910Round Crimped Case45x25mm40White GreaseproofXmas Trees6,000
AX912Round Crimped Case51x38mm40White GreaseproofXmas Trees6,000
MW406Tulip Muffin Wrap160x160x50mm50Dark Green GreaseproofXmas Stars4,800
MD001Round Crimped Case51x38mm65MarketMother's Day Rose3,600
UJ001Round Crimped Case51x38mm65MarketUnion Jack Random3,600
UJ002Round Crimped Case51x38mm65MarketUnion Jack Registered3,600
UJ003Round Crimped Case51x38mm65MarketRed, White, Blue Vertical Stripes3,600
UJ004Round Crimped Case51x38mm65MarketWavy Union Jack Flag3,600
MW403Tulip Muffin Wrap160x160x50mm50GreaseproofWelsh Flag4,800
EP600Round Crimped Case51x38mm65MarketRed Hearts on pink background3,600
ER600Round Crimped Case51x38mm65MarketRed Hearts on white background3,600

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