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Baking Cups for Automatic Denesters


Little more than a decade ago, pioneering plant bakers adopting automated dispensing equipment were driven to source baking cases from the US. European manufacturers had fallen behind, lacking the expertise necessary to provide consistently performing products at commercial prices.

Chevler were quick to react, and working in partnership with major plant bakers and equipment manufacturers we redefined every aspect of the design, manufacture and distribution of our baking cases to deliver a product that maximises productivity for high volume cake manufacturers.

If you are commissioning a new line, or simply unhappy with the performance of your existing supplier, we will work closely with your production team to identify the optimum specification for your particular requirements.

Our Swedish “Slip-Easy” Greaseproof Paper, specifically developed to meet the demands of automated dispensers, combined with our expertise in manufacture and packing, means that you can count on consistently excellent results from the very first delivery. Should you need it, we aim to provide you with the very best technical support from our in-house design and engineering team when and where you need it.