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Cupcake Cases


Whether you are a high volume cake manufacturer, craft baker, coffee shop operator or specialised cupcake maker in your own home, we have a case for you to be innovative and add value to your product.

We understand that you want your product to be the best it can be, and know that attention to detail is vital for truly outstanding cupcakes. That’s why we’re constantly developing our range of colours, patterns and designs to complement and enhance your creations. Weddings, birthdays, whatever the special social or sporting occasion, you will find a case in our range that fits perfectly.

As always, paper quality is key. Our carefully selected material, only available from Chevler, is thicker, stronger and highly resistant to unwanted cake separation. It withstands baking so that colours remain vibrant and true, maintaining an upright sidewall for best presentation.

Available in handy-packs of 360, enabling you to quickly respond to consumer demand.