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Meat Saver Paper



Meat-Saver Paper ™, exclusively from Chevler, is a premium product of superior quality and value that saves you time and money.

Covering and displaying meat in Meat-Saver Paper ™ ensures that your product stays fresher for longer. Its non-absorbent qualities mean juices are preserved and the cut weight of the meat is retained, enabling you to pre-cut at a convenient time ahead of busier periods.

Meat-Saver Paper ™ continues to work for your customer until the point at which it is removed for cooking, showing off your product to its fullest potential.

Unlike inferior papers, Meat Saver Paper ™ is strong enough to peel straight from the meat when wet or dry without tearing or leaving paper attached.

Popular sizes are available from stock, with bespoke sizes and rolls, discs and shapes also available.