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Muffin Cases


Widespread innovation is keeping the muffin category very much alive, and we are proud that our development of the brimmed muffin cup style played a major role in this.

Our brimmed cups produce muffins with a crowd pleasing wide-crown, and it's also good news for plant bakers. Ideal for use on high volume automated production lines, they offer significant advantages over conventional fluted cups including; faster dispensing, robotic friendly de-panning and packing, and less frequent tin washes.

All bakers can benefit from the ability to bake without tins, made possible by the additional wall strength offered by this format.

We also offer the widest range of crimped muffin case sizes, from Mini to Standard to Jumbo, and virtually every increment in-between. All are manufactured to strict BRC certified food hygiene standards using Pure Scandinavian Greaseproof Paper, and their baking performance is second to none.

If you are looking for something different then ask about our extensive range of coloured and printed options that can help you remain innovative and one step ahead of your competitors.