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Speciality Baking Papers


Set up in response to customer demand, our newest division, established in spring 2015, is dedicated to supplying a full range of premium and economy siliconised greaseproof, grease resistant, singleproof and vegetable parchment papers to the UK and Irish baking and food manufacturing industries.

Marketed under the Surebake brand, the range is available in both industry standard and bespoke sheet sizes. Helping you improve hygiene levels Surebake papers can also mean an end to the laborious task of pre-greasing baking trays.
There is also the added advantage that much of the range can be used several times over. For rapid identification purposes in the bakery and to help you maintain strict segregation of your products we also offer a range of coloured papers some which are made to special order.

If you have any special requirements as far as shapes, cut and crease or sheet size is concerned do not hesitate to get in touch. We can also supply our bakery paper range in reel format for automated processes. We are here to help. Remember, use Surebake to be sure of your bake.