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Tulip Muffin Wraps


We created a storm in 2006 when we first took this ground-breaking product to market in Europe and the US. Leading coffee shop chains pounced on the opportunity to increase their muffin sales by 30%, and we quickly ramped up production capacity to cope with unprecedented demand.

Our original Tulip Muffin Wrap is still the best, offering superior consistency of formation coupled with firm pleating and a crease-free base. It is ideally suited to high volume production on automated lines, and this is why we continue to sell this product on a truly global basis.

The ever popular chocolate brown wrap is now accompanied by a host of vibrant colours from stock, providing a complementary enhancement for any application.

Sustained investment at our Hengoed factory in the latest technically advanced machinery made to our exacting specification means that we are now able to produce over 100 million tulip muffin wraps a year which, if you laid them end-to-end, would stretch from London to New York.

The flat surfaces on this case make it ideal for customised print and brand promotion, and don’t overlook this format for cupcakes either!